December 2, 2023

How to buy outdoor art

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How to buy outdoor art

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How to buy outdoor art

Every room in your home has its own style, purpose and vibe. Find art that suits any space with our help How to shop by room Series, complete with collections of proposed artworks handpicked by our curators. Read on to learn how to build an art collection that suits your outdoor spaces and explore ours Art for every room Catalog Here.

Art isn’t just for the gallery walls, and there’s a wide variety of sculptures and installations ideal for creating aesthetic moments in your outdoor spaces. Often overlooked, exterior walls can be complemented with wall-mounted sculptures, such as the radial nature-inspired designs of Ian Turnock and modern, reflective roundels by Anna Sidi Yacoub. For freestanding outdoor sculptures, consider the surrounding nature and landscaping as an integral part of the composition. Sculptures can either harmonize with the natural elements of your outdoor space or create a contrast. To create contrasting moments, opt for works with bright colors, shiny surfaces and geometric shapes, such as LEAP by Jennifer Asher. For subtle, harmonious additions to your landscape, consider organic forms and rough-hewn materials such as bronze, as seen in the figurative sculptures of Matt Hill And Heidi Hadaway.

With its synthetic color and abstract shapes “Yellow Clover 2221” by Luis Kaiulani pops against the natural flora.

Even if the profit is great, installing a sculpture outdoors takes time and effort. Consider whether your sculpture can be placed on a soft or hard surface and whether any special fasteners are included for mounting. If a sculpture isn’t marked for outdoor display, make sure the materials are weatherproof.

If your sculpture requires special shipping and installation teams, our support teams will coordinate with them to ensure your work is shipped and installed safely. Many outdoor sculptors also make their work in series or on demand. If you see a work that is for sale, Contact our curators to see if another version might be available.

Discover more outdoor art in our catalog collection Here. If you would like further advice or have questions about a specific outdoor sculpture, contact our expert curators for a free art consultation Here.

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