December 2, 2023

But she is only a woman.

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But she is only a woman.

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But she is only a woman.

Imagine angrily writing down all the misogynistic comments (and unwelcome advice) that have been thrown at you or your co-workers over the years from ex-boyfriends, co-workers, teachers, family members, and complete strangers—”Are you shaved?” You drive like a man.’ ‘A little weight on, isn’t it, dear?’. Let’s just say there’s not enough ink in the world for that. But there is enough anger.

In celebration of International Women’s Daylet’s talk to the artist who puts together all those all-too-familiar sexist innuendos and turns them into iconic art. Willow Stacey‘S #thingsmensay The series comes from a place of strength, solidarity and utter burnout from biting your tongue.

Sometimes someone says something to you that takes you on a whole new journey. For me, it was while working a shift as a waitress at the pub I’ve been working on and off since I was 14. One client said, “When a woman makes a lot of money, she does a man’s job.” And I was left with the conflict of being on the job, staying professional, and seething inside.” She explains.

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The medium chosen by Willow carries as much weight as the words. With textile arts excluded from the major galleries and exhibitions for centuries due to their association with domesticity, there has been a tremendous shift since then to empower and shine the spotlight on the work created in these fields and the artists who pull the strings move. The bold words of Willow’s work against the inherently “feminine” materials are enough to make a statement and spark discussion on the subject, and we want to be a part of it.

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Discover Willow’s larger collection from the #thingsmensay Series at our Spring edition of The Other Art Fair London 9-12 March 2023.